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Music and Compositions

I am primarily a self-trained classical composer, guitarist and pianist.

Most of my young adult life was spent playing in bands, and I have made many live performances, typically on a semi-professional level.
These were mainly experimental, or at least slightly edgy, rock pop ensembles. However, being primarily an acoustic/classical guitarist I have also performed with several folk groups. This was always the most lucrative as people seemed to enjoy paying for the simple acoustic mobility. We could just turn up and play - no microphones or amplification needed.

Since living in Berlin, I have made a few live performances, however most of my time has been spent in composition and assembling my works together into themed cd albums and publishable score collections.
I have written and/or recorded somewhere around 4000 pieces.
This forms a diverse and extensive library of original works.

This page is a route into exploring a small portion of these efforts.
I hope it can give you a broad enough example of my creative musical output.

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